The Underground City

Montréal's Underground City is a set of interconnected complexes in and around downtown Montréal. It is the largest underground complex in the world, with some 2,000 shops and restaurants, 10 major hotels, museums, theatres, and universities. The complex spans over 32 kilometers of connecting passageways beneath downtown, with the metro, commuter trains, and buses converging in multiple convenient locations.

The Underground City is a giant maze that you could spend all day, or multiple days, exploring without ever setting foot outdoors. A few unique aspects of this complex include repurposed buildings, like the Cours Mont-Royal mall that used to be a luxury hotel, a formerly sinking church (Christ Church Cathedral) with a mall underneath, permanent and temporary art works on display, public squares where you can relax in between shopping, and the Place des Arts, cultural complex housing a contemporary art museum and six concert halls. This unique “city” should definitely be on your must-see list for your Montréal vacation.

Eaton Centre

Located in the heart of the Underground City, Montréal Eaton Centre (MEC) is the city’s premier fashion destination, with 175 stores and numerous food counters, restaurants, cafes, and bistros. From beauty and clothing to children’s toys and electronics, MEC has everything you need. In addition to its shops, the centre celebrates the liveliness and creativity that make Montréal such a fascinating city, hosting artistic and cultural events on a regular basis. Eaton Centre is located on Sainte Catherine Street just 1.5 kilometers away from our hotel. It is connected to the underground network and the Montréal Metro via McGill Station.

Promenades Cathedrale

Below Christ Church Cathedral in the Underground City, you’ll find Promenades Cathedrale, a shopping mall with 50 stores and multiple dining outlets. Shop your favorite brands like L'Autre Couture and Tristan and then grab a bite to eat at Olly Fresco's, Cultures, or Tim Hortons. Promenades Cathedrale is 1.7 kilometers away from our hotel, a 10-minute drive or 20-minute walk.

Les Cours Mont-Royal

Formerly the Mount Royal Hotel, the Les Cours Mont-Royal is an upscale shopping centre just a short 1.1 kilometers from Château Versailles. The centre offers a shopping experience like no other, with four levels of first-class fashion, home furnishing, technology, and health and beauty stores. You’ll also find quick-serve and full-service restaurants, including Takara, Atrium, and Starbucks.